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Impacted by the health crisis and changes in regulations, Bugatti is suspending work on a new model.

The future is getting more murky every day for Bugatti. Stephan Winkelmann, who chairs the French brand, has just revealed to Bloomberg that the plan to expand the regular range with a second model has been frozen. Winkelmann was quick to mention the car in question, which could be an electrified four-seater GT, for several years. But the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic have forced the manufacturer to put its development on hold. "We were discussing a second model for the range. It is now blocked due to the coronavirus crisis; we are not talking about what is planned for the future," he explained, much less talkative than in the past.

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Bugatti the brand39s projects frozen Auto Plus - Bugatti: the brand's projects frozen! - Auto PlusTowards a record year, then the unknown

More than the health crisis, the sportiest brands of the Volkswagen group would suffer from the growing pressure of environmental regulations, less and less favorable to the very existence of sports cars and motorcycles with thermal engines. Also the investments necessary for their operation would become less and less justifiable for the leaders of the giant across the Rhine.

Winkelmann, however, wants to be reassuring about the future of Bugatti in the short term, believing that 2020 "could be the best year in the history" of the brand thanks in particular to a well-filled order book. More than 70% of production planned for 2021 has already been sold according to him. Volkswagen officials are due to discuss the group's investment strategy next November. They could decide Bugatti's fate on this occasion.

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