Bugatti has completed the development of the Divo and is preparing to produce the first copy for a customer.

Bugatti announces that the development and testing of the Divo are now complete. Although the supercar is closely derived from Chiron, the preparation for its industrialization will take time since its presentation dates back to August 2018.

The coupe still pulls 1.500hp from a W16 8L quadriturbo but has specific ground links and aerodynamics that make it more efficient than a curve chiron, not to mention its unique design.

Imminent start-up

The delay between presentation and marketing did not prevent the 40 copies planned to be reserved upon the revelation of the car, despite a unit price of 5 million euros.

Bugatti is logically preparing to start production of the Divo, Molsheim (67) in Alsace. The first deliveries are announced for 2020.

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