Bugatti Chiron Heart winner, the special –

After the Bugatti Chiron Hermès, here is another special example based on the Alsatian supercar.

The Bugatti Chiron will only be built in 500 copies in total during its career, which should continue until the middle of the decade. This small number obviously makes the car special and rare in the current automotive landscape, and each copy of this Chiron is unique (or almost).

But from time to time, customers go particularly far in terms of personalization. A few days ago, we discovered for example the Chiron Hermès sponsored by a rich American collector. And here is a new one with not trivial finishes either.

"Heart winner"

For sale on James Edition, this light blue copy of the Chiron has a name: "Winner of the Heart". Currently located in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, it has an interior trimmed with pretty beige leather and displays 603 km on the odometer. The asking price for this copy is $ 3.95 million, slightly above the official price of the Chiron at three million euros (even if the customization options probably cost a lot).

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