Bugatti Chiron gray and blue, the perfect configuration? –

And if this Bugatti Chiron gray actually had the perfect configuration?

To buy a Bugatti Chiron, you have to find yourself in the position to be able to get at least three million euros for the purchase of your new car. Suffice to say that unless you are very multi-millionaire, you will never seriously think about this kind of possibility.

And that's a shame, because the very act of buying a Bugatti Chiron would make you go through the interesting stage of the personal configuration of the vehicle: the one where you decide on all the colors and other choices of materials. your future Bugatti.

Blue and gray

So what color would you choose if you had to set up your own Chiron? Look in any case this gray copy to the definition rather interesting: under a rather classic dark gray body, the car displays a blue leather interior and many small details of the same color. The final result seems very successful, and less common than all those blue, black or light gray Chiron.

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