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Bugatti Changes in the Executive Committee - Bugatti - Changes in the Executive Committee - - -

Every Wednesday, they meet at 9:00 am sharp for the weekly board meeting, or as Bugatti calls it: the Management Committee. While personal presence is preferred by management, already before periods of social distancing and telecommuting, videoconferencing meetings existed for those who are traveling – of course via a secure line. The Board of Directors not only analyzes the status quo of operations, but works tirelessly to prepare the brand's legacy for the future.

"Running a business is never an easy task, because it means taking responsibility for the future of the business and for all of its employees. In times of crisis, this becomes even more evident than it already is in normal times ", explains Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann. “I am proud of the way the Bugatti team – every employee and member of the management team – has handled the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic so far. "

The first line of management has undergone two recent changes, Rico Kreyenberg and Anja Utermark being now members of the Management Committee. It is therefore made up of the following nine people:
– Stephan Winkelmann, President of the Bugatti brand
– Christophe Piochon, Managing Director of production and logistics
– Stefan Ellrott, General Manager of Technical Development
– Christian Mastro, General Manager of sales, marketing, after-sales service and licenses
– Rico Kreyenberg, Managing Director of Finance, Management Control and Information Technology
– Anja Utermark, Managing Director of Human Resources, Compliance and Legal Affairs
– Dominique Kuenzel, Director of Procurement
– Michael Och, Director of Quality
– Tim Bravo, Director of Communications

"My first line of direction is crucial for me, because it is the colleagues who must communicate to the teams the decisions that we take and then implement them", explains Stephan Winkelmann. “But make no mistake – at Bugatti we know very well that the Management Committee alone could neither produce nor deliver a single Chiron. Of course, it starts with our decisions, but Bugatti is the sum of every man and woman who works in the offices, in the workshops, on the test and development routes or in the Workshop, our place of production. It's what defines us, what makes us special, what makes us strong. "

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