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Contrary to what one might think, the year 2020 starts off rather well in terms of sports cars, as evidenced in particular by the presentation of the new Lamborghini Huracan EVO RWD using propulsion. But a news never arriving alone, this time it is another manufacturer who is about to present a novelty. This is Bugatti, which has just completed a 2019 year full of news, between its 110th anniversary, the revelation in Geneva of La Voiture Noire and the speed record established at 490 km / h last September. Now, the firm is gratifying us with a mysterious teaser published on Twitter, revealing a vehicle hidden under a thick black sheet.

A camouflage that gives absolutely no clue to what is hidden below, while the very low light prevents detecting the smallest detail, only suggesting a sportswoman silhouette. It could therefore be anything new, whether it is yet another version of the Bugatti Chiron or a completely new model. An assumption that would not be completely stupid, the Molsheim brand having already announced that it wanted to enrich its range with another vehicle. But a new version of the only model currently present in the catalog is also possible, the boss of the brand, Stephan Winkelmann having suggested that variations of different philosophies would indeed see the light of day.

Presentation in Geneva?

For the time being, the mystery remains intact on this mysterious model, which should undoubtedly be revealed more officially at the next Geneva Motor Show, which will open its doors from March 5 to 15. In addition, Bugatti has launched in parallel a communication campaign paying tribute to several drivers who have made the history of the brand, namely Louis Chiron, Albert Divo and Hellé Nice. Coincidence or not, only the name of the latter, artist but especially racing driver in the 1930s has not yet been used by the manufacturer for one of its models. Could the novelty hidden under the black sheet of the teaser bear the name of this female pilot with an extraordinary journey? It is too early to say for the moment, but this idea would be rather logical, especially since the year 2020 will be that of the 120 years of his birth. The opportunity to pay tribute to the one who also helped shape the history of Bugatti in competition.

As a reminder, the Bugatti Chiron embarks under its hood a W16 8.0 liters quadriturbo developing some 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque, while 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in 2.4 seconds, for a maximum speed of 420 km / h. Count three million euros for the standard version, while the price could still increase if it is a special version here, which could then benefit from some technical improvements. See you in a few weeks to find out more, as the brand is teeming with projects, between the launch of a raised model and an electric sedan for less than a million euros.

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