Buckling up in the car is child's play, Volvo explains – CB News

Two in three children are still unsecured in the car according to Road Safety (in 2018). Volvo Cars chooses, on the occasion of the start of the school year, to educate families with the "SafeTshirt". On sees incomplete illustrations, inviting children at̀ to integrate the missing item – the seat belt – so that the drawings on the tshirt take form. To publicize this operation, Volvo Car France has surrounded by ambassadors, all parents of young children, by asking them to produce content on their own social networks to the image of this operation. Pamong the brand's partner creators, we find Elodie Gossuin, motor racing fan and mom of 4 as well as other influencers like Savage Jesus, My daddy gay life or Elyrose Channel. The operation is signed Havas Paris and Matriochka Influences is in charge of the influence and e-influence part.

This approach for the safety of the youngest is not new for the brand which has invented the three-point seat belt … 61 years ago. It is estimated that this invention has saved over a million lives around the world, not only at Volvo, but also other brands thanks to the decision of the builder to share his inventionot. In 1964 Volvo Cars created the very first rear-facing child seat and the first booster cushion.

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