Brown wants to win Triple Crown with McLaren –

Zak Brown became CEO of McLaren three years ago and now sees a bright future for the brand in motorsport. He thinks that mixing the programs the way he wants to do is a very good solution.

"There is no team that I prefer in McLaren, and I love that we are in F1, in IndyCar, I would like to see us come back to endurance." the American notes. "My dream would be the Formula 1 world championship, the Indy 500, the IndyCar championship, Le Mans and we can do all of these things at McLaren but it will probably take 20 years, so I have big aspirations."

He reveals that, like Fernando Alonso in the pilots, he would love to win the Triple Crown: "I would love to be the first team manager to win the triple crown, I have to blame Fernando for that."

In any case, he feels comfortable with McLaren and wants to stay there for the long term: "I can see myself staying at McLaren for decades. I worked for my old company JMI for 23 years, I have four years of experience, it feels like yesterday."

"I'm 48 years old and I'm one of those people who, like Bernie Ecclestone, like Ron (Dennis), like Frank (Williams), are going to work until they're 70 or 80. That means I can do that for a while. over 20 years. "

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