Road safety should be a priority for both the driver and his passengers, it is important to make sure you have good driving practices and to check the vehicle regularly, especially if you are going to make a long journey.

According to figures from the National Road Safety Agency, in Colombia between January and October 2020, 4,156 people lost their lives in road accidents, where vehicle accidents have a 12% share. In order to prevent traffic accidents, Bridgestone, the world leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, provides tips to reduce risk factors when driving.

The tires are one of the most important safety elements of the vehicle, since they are responsible for keeping it in contact with the ground. Before embarking on any trip, key aspects of them should be reviewed to ensure proper operation:

1. Check air pressure: You should always verify that the inflation pressure is the one recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, this value is defined in the vehicle manual or on the side of the driver’s door. This check should be done at least once a week, before a long trip or when temperatures change by 10 degrees or more. The best time for this check is when the tires are cold.

2. Observe the tread: This is the part of the tires that is in direct contact with the surface and wears out as the vehicle travels, which directly affects braking and acceleration. To avoid this, the wear indicator should be checked, which reflects the minimum level that tire wear should reach.

brid rev 01 - Bridgestone Recommendations for Responsible Travel

3. Rotate the tires: This refers to swapping the position of the tires to ensure uniform wear. It is advisable to perform this rotation every 10,000 kilometers. Correct vehicle alignment is also a necessary step so that the tires do not suffer unnecessary wear.

4. Check for bumps or dents: Inspecting the tires to check for bumps, cuts, bumps or marks on the sidewalls is very important. Any of these injuries can pose a serious risk of a flat or even a blowout when the car is in motion.

Bridgestone calls on drivers this Easter and throughout the year to always carry out a regular general check of the vehicle to prevent accidents. In addition, to travel safely, Bridgestone specialists recommend that drivers check the correct mechanical operation of the vehicle, which also includes brakes, oil, water, bodywork, among other elements.

Additionally and having an even greater relevance, given the covid-19 pandemic in which we find ourselves, Bridgestone recalls that adequate vehicle disinfection is part of the care that must be carried out, to safeguard the health of the people who are going to use of this, as well as complying with other protocols such as traveling in a family bubble, using a mask and washing hands.

Through these awareness campaigns, Bridgestone reinforces its commitment to contribute to the prevention of road accidents, providing simple tips that motorists can apply and enjoy a vacation safely.