Breakdown shot # 8: iPhone XR flickers – iGeneration

There is what Apple wants to show and what Apple wants to keep behind the curtain so as not to break the "magic" of its products. On the one hand, a gleaming marketing discourse, on the other hand, recurring failures supported (or not) by Apple Store technicians.

In the company of Apple Store technicians who have seen green and unripe in recent years, we take stock of the most common failures and malfunctions on the manufacturer's devices. In today's episode: the iPhone XR's rear photo sensor flickers.

The official public speech

The iPhone XR was long overdue. The new smartphone with the colorful shell was indeed launched at the end of October 2018, a good month after the iPhone XS and XS Max. Not really “entry-level” with prices starting at € 849, the iPhone XR is still more affordable than its big brothers (from € 1,159 for the iPhone XS!).

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