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Bouygues Telecom is determined not to let it go. The French telecoms operator has filed a new appeal with the Council of State to request the annulment of the decree implementing the "anti-Huawei law", reports The Express in an article published on September 1, 2020.

A decree to preserve the interests of the nation
Promulgated in December 2019, this text requires prior authorization from the National Security and Information Systems Agency (ANSSI) any deployment of 5G equipment on French territory. The objective of this procedure is to "preserve the interests of the defense and the national security of France", specifies the regulatory act. Without it being written explicitly, this decree targets the Chinese company Huawei on which are based espionage accusations fueled by the United States.

However, Bouygues Telecom – like SFR – already uses equipment from the Chinese supplier. The ban on deploying this equipment on future 5G networks would force the two operators to uninstall certain 4G radio equipment from the Chinese giant in order to replace them with those of one of its competitors, before starting the installation of its new network. . An unimaginable waste of time and money for Bouygues.

Huawei ousted from 5G network in 2028
Even if France does not seem to want to officially ban the Chinese company from the 5G network in France, it is just like. Anssi recently announced that it would grant authorizations to telecom operators to use 5G equipment for a maximum duration of 8 years. However, when they expire, the operating licenses for Huawei equipment should not be renewed. Result: in 2028, the Chinese giant could be completely ousted from French 5G networks. Bouygues Telecom wants to anticipate this situation and recently made the decision to replace 3,000 relay antennas manufactured by Huawei and located in dense areas in France by 2028.

Bouygues Telecom is waging a real war before the courts. The company is in its third appeal, without success … Last July, it was rejected by the summary judge who rejected his request to suspend the ministerial order organizing the allocation of 5G frequencies, reported The echoes. The subsidiary of the Bouygues group also hopes to be financially compensated by the French State. When presenting the half-year results, Olivier Roussat, Deputy CEO of Bouygues, specified that "several legal actions"in this sense have been initiated.

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