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The high rollers of the hooch

March 4, 2021subscribers

Bouffons la vie: a salad of skate and potatoes

March 3, 2021

Let’s eat life: Yes We Naan in the county

March 2, 2021

Let’s eat life: the mironton beef

March 1, 2021

The weekend recipe: smoke is meatball

28 feb 2021

Bouffons la vie: a carrot tapenade and leaf blinis

Feb 26 2021

Life once for a pie

Feb 25 2021subscribers

Bouffons la vie: a chocolate-caramel tart

Feb 24 2021

Let’s eat life: telecommuting cookies

23 feb 2021

Let’s eat life: squash, barley and pomegranate

Feb 22 2021

Let’s eat life: Linguine with sardines from Tatiana

Feb 19 2021

Beetroot, the red soul of borscht

Feb 18 2021

Let’s eat life: halloumi fries

Feb 17 2021

Let’s eat life: nun’s farts, Mardi Gras wind

Feb 16 2021

Bouffons la vie: from sturgeon to vermouth to seduce

Feb 15 2021

A braised chickpea stew with paprika and cabbage

Feb 14 2021

Recipes, the home fact

Feb 13 2021

Bouffons la vie: Nina Métayer’s fruit plate

Feb 12 2021

Let’s eat life against the Covid: shells and ham risotto style

Feb 10 2021

Let’s eat life against the Covid: stuffed eggs and tangy onions by Sébastien Bras

Feb 9 2021