Make way for sorting! We have much better to offer with books, CDs and DVDs that we just want to end up in the trash. Because reselling, exchanging or giving is to get out of the infernal cycle of “manufacture / consume / discard”, which depletes the planet’s resources, in favor of a more virtuous circular economy.

I sell them

Many websites allow you to quickly sell books, CDs and DVDs:,,, etc. You must first type in the numbers of the barcode of the objects. By going through the reseller’s app, it’s even easier: just scan the code. The site immediately offers a redemption price, calculated according to supply and demand. Be careful, this is often disappointing (€ 0.15 for certain pockets, for example) and a minimum amount must be reached to finalize the sale (€ 10 or € 15 depending on the site). Then all you have to do is drop off the package at a relay point (shipping is the responsibility of the retailer). We are paid a few weeks later, by bank transfer.

The right plan. Not in a hurry? Go to the La Bourse aux Livres app (, which works as a consignment store. The money is only paid once the book is sold, but the earnings are higher.

I give them

To find where to drop off your donations near you, enter your address on This directory lists humanitarian associations such as Emmaüs or La Croix Rouge as well as Ressourceries ( which resell books, CDs and DVDs in their solidarity shops. If your stock is large (at least a hundred books), you can request a home collection. Another option is to go through RecycLivre which collects the works deposited in Relais Colis for resale on its website, (CDs and DVDs accepted). The shipping costs are the responsibility of the company, which employs people in difficulty and donates 10% of its income to associations.

The date to remember. Next May, the books deposited in Fnac stores will be collected by the association Bibliothèques sans Frontières, which is creating reading points for the most vulnerable all over the world. More info on

I exchange them

On, we exchange books between individuals. The site lists some 200,000 titles. For each one, we have the choice to click on “I own it” to offer it for barter or “I want it” to acquire it. The value of the works is counted in points, calculated according to several criteria (weight, format, purchase price, publication date). The exchange is made by post or by hand. The downside: you have to pay a subscription (€ 1.49 per month). Don’t feel like spending a dime? Go to, which works on the same model but with a more limited choice. You can also swap CDs and DVDs there.

Our advice. Offer at least ten pounds to collect points and redeem faster.

I test the “bookcrossing”

Born in the United States, this movement is spreading in France. The principle ? Circulate the books by depositing them in a public place (bench, garden, station, etc.). There, they will be found by someone who will in turn “release” them after having read them. On, the works are tagged to follow their “journey”.

The idea in addition. Think of the book boxes, small street huts where everyone can drop off and borrow self-service books. There are also comics, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Directory on

Most refuse donations because their shelves are already full. They themselves must give or destroy 5% of their fund each year in order to renew it (we speak of “weeding”).

This is trash!

  • Torn, dog-eared or annotated books, those which are yellowed or smell musty are refused by resellers and associations. Throw them in the yellow bin, they will be recycled into pulp.
  • Obsolete books (school books, tourist guides, etc.), autographed or in a foreign language, dictionaries, encyclopedias as well as club editions (France Loisirs, Le Grand livre du mois, Sélection du Reader’s Digest, etc.) are not not always repeated: find out more.
  • CDs and DVDs in poor read condition, which cannot be recycled, are thrown away with household waste. Namely, resale sites refuse sleeves with labels or inscriptions, and the original booklet must be included.
  • The audio and video cassettes will not find takers: direction the garbage bin.

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