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Book Alfa Romeo 110 years of Serge Bellu Automotive - Book: Alfa Romeo, 110 years of Serge Bellu - Automotive News
Book: Alfa Romeo 110 years by Serge Bellu

For the 110 years of Alfa Romeo, the journalist and author Serge Bellu publishes a very complete book in the Prestige collection at E.T.A.I. And rather than telling the brand's story chronologically or by theme, Serge Bellu has chosen to do so through some twenty stories that are treated as reports. Key events and moments of the brand are included in it, such as the birth of Scuderia Ferrari in 1929, the inauguration of the Monza, Como circuit on September 12 and 13, 1931, the absorption by Fiat …

These choices allow Serge Bellu to evoke the Alfa in competition, the prestige of the creations made by major bodybuilders, then the choices made after the war to increase production volumes and make the Alfa Romeos more accessible. In more than a century, the Biscione brand has known how to create a legend and retain an aura with many enthusiasts.

At the end of the book, a summary of all Alfa models presents the entire production of the brand.

Our opinion: The Alfists will not be able to miss this very pleasant book to read and richly documented. The Italian brand seems to be in difficulty again now and remembering its prestige and its sporting record should be on the agenda of the decision-makers of the new merger between PSA and FCA. We can only advise them to read this book and work to save a brand that deserves it.

336 pages, 240X290 mm format, 550 illustrations, 99 euros

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