The note: 4/5

A chaotic start to the race with Lewis Hamilton in difficulty and a Kimi Räikkönen (Alfa Romeo) on fire, a crossover between Mercedes on the track, an avalanche of overtaking like the weather can generate, fierce fights with artists and a villain , and a milestone victory record. And to think that Formula 1 was back in Portugal for the first time in 24 years and that it will not be returning next year …

Grand Prix of Portugal

With a 92nd record win, Hamilton leaves Schumacher in the retro


The record holder: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

An execution. The Briton did not get the wrong fight in the downpours at the start and let Valtteri Bottas believe that the moment would be decisive. He pushed him once again to wear out his tires to overtake him with disconcerting ease on the 20th of 66 laps.

Then he drove the point home by dragging it behind him 22 more laps before stopping, since he was in the lead and had mastery of timing according to Mercedes law. On "hard" tires, the Englishman disgusted Max Verstappen (Red Bull) with his best lap in the race. The 18th hat trick (pole position – victory – fastest lap) was at this price.

And then, of course, his record of 92 victories will be remembered, forever associated with this magnificent setting in the Algarve.

Eighth in 12 races, 77 points ahead of Valtteri Bottas. The 7th title won't be for Imola, but it is still scheduled for Istanbul on October 15th.

The beaten: Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)

A second scathing setback in 24 hours. With his one-round bet lost at the end of Q3 on Saturday, the Finn did everything possible to get Lewis Hamilton out of his comfort zone, but it turned against him once again. He bravely took the race on his own but the way he consumed his tires sent him back to the rank of lambda driver. "For me the main problem was the lack of speed which I don't really understand", he confessed.

Too bad Mercedes is content with that. Toto Wolff had lectured the jealous "who don't do what it takes to deserve a Mercedes". One wonders what Valtteri Bottas does more than many of his colleagues to stay in place.

The savior: Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)

Weekend after weekend, the Monegasque carries the Scuderia at arm's length. He had clearly explained the situation before the race, explaining that riding with the "medium" would put his SF1000 in the best possible condition. That it could confirm on a long run the fourth absolute time in qualifying.

In the race, the Monegasque did Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen, the two other phenomena to which he is often compared. He let the storm pass, placed his erasers in the right window without leaving it. And reproduced this diagram with the "hard". What made Mattia Binotto say that he had a race "very mature". It was well worth a Top 4 and the return to the Top 5 of the championship. 5 points behind Daniel Ricciardo (Renault).

The showman: Kimi Räikkönen (Alfa Romeo)

Ten places won in the first round. But in "tender", we can't get over it!

Overtaking: Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) on Sergio Pérez (Racing Point)

Not cooled by the dirty of the 65th lap, the Frenchman came back to double cleanly on the following lap. Outside ! The Mexican would have done better to give in the first time rather than inflict this humiliation on himself.

Fail: The weather at Ferrari

"I asked on the radio if it was raining, and they told me it was absolutely not raining, reported Charles Leclerc on arrival. I saw on the track that it was raining. I once thought that a car in front of me was losing water, or something. Finally, I understood that it was really raining. "

The bonus: Esteban Ocon (Renault) P8

The RS20 was not very fit this weekend in Portugal. This unspectacular result is still good for the Normand, who finished ahead of his leader.

The penalty: Racing Point drivers

Lance Stroll had led Max Verstappen to the crash in the No.1 on Saturday, superbly ignoring the Dutchman. He started again in another way with Lando Norris (McLaren), believing he could pass it outside. Race ruined for the Englishman and five seconds penalty, it was a minimum.

But since we love the bad boys at Racing Point, Sergio Pérez put up a scandalous braking defense at the end of the straight ahead of Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri). This did not deprive him of the title of "pilot of the day".

Stats: 92

Lewis Hamilton's victories. As numerous as those of Alain Prost (51) and Ayrton Senna (41) combined.

The declaration: Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri)

"I was able to pass Renault, McLaren and a Racing Point at the end. For us who are a midfield team, it's almost a small victory to finish 5th behind the top three teams. very happy with this result, especially after all the work the mechanics did in the garage on Friday (his car had caught fire, editor's note). This 5th place is a reward for them ".

Grand Prix of Portugal

Leclerc, fourth despite bad news: "On the radio, they told me it was not raining"


Grand Prix of Portugal

Passes galore: Räikkönen gained 10 places in the first round