Bonus-malus: Hamilton glory, Ferrari fiasco and Verstappen skid –

The note: 3/5

A world title at stake, that raises the note. But the scenario has kept its promises. We even saw a fight between the Mercedes drivers for the victory.

The winner: Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)

He had the enormous merit of recovering from a broken race plan by the premature stopping of Max Verstappen. It did not bother him to come back on lap 15 to cover the Red Bull threat as it put Lewis Hamilton in the game. Stuck against his will on the two-stop strategy of the Batavian, he could have been trapped by his teammate, on a stop.

Bonus malus Hamilton glory Ferrari fiasco and Verstappen skid - Bonus-malus: Hamilton glory, Ferrari fiasco and Verstappen skid -

After an attempt at the 51st passage, he concluded before the braking of No. 12 in the next passage. It's nice to have gone for the win on the track, and it's rare. This is only the third time this has happened this season, after Verstappen on Leclerc in Austria, and Hamilton on Verstappen in Hungary.

This fourth victory of the season makes the 2019 record of the Finnish most presentable. It is synonymous with the place of vice-world champion.

The champion: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

Pilots who allow themselves not to follow the advice of their team are not numerous in the paddock. This is due to the trust and the weight of victories. Like last week in Mexico.

# LH44 ran bravely, twice refusing the proposal to return. A first to react to the pit stop of Verstappen, a second to ensure the second place. En route to his sixth title, he was not risking much but it was not his temper to fall into the easy.

Five rounds failed him and it's finally a lot. His failed bet at least boosted Bottas' confidence, usually not incisive in the last minute fights.

But history will retain this 6th coronation, the 19th for the United Kingdom.

The skid: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

"That's what happens when you stop cheating" : it is by this lapidary formula that the Dutch analyzed the bad race of Ferrari. Finally, especially that of Charles Leclerc, anonymous fourth, because Sebastian Vettel quickly gave up on break suspension.

"He has no idea what he saysanswered the Monegasque. We know what we are doing and I do not know why he opens it. He does not know what's going on in the team. "

1572849612 748 Bonus malus Hamilton glory Ferrari fiasco and Verstappen skid - Bonus-malus: Hamilton glory, Ferrari fiasco and Verstappen skid -

The bonus: the congratulations of Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)

It is the attentions, the words of the adversaries that give a true dimension to the greatest achievements. Four-time world champion, the Scuderia rider made a spontaneous gesture in the cool room, which honors sport and its values. It was sincere and the German only relayed the respect expressed in the Scuderia by Charles Leclerc and the boss, Mattia Binotto. Well done !

The penalty: The breaking of the suspension of the SF90 n ° 5

The homologation of a single-seater Formula 1 passes through numerous crash tests or stress tests to prove its solidity. It may be time to look at the resistance of things like suspensions. It is not normal that that of the Ferrari has broken in passing on the "sausage" of turn n ° 8 at the beginning of the race.

The admiring tweet

Nico Rosberg sees his thirty-year-old ex-friend become the greatest of all time.

The end of the series

First podium without Ferrari since May 12, in Spain.

The statement: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

" I miss Niki so much. Yesterday, he would have told me he pays me too much, but today he would give me a hat trick. I would not have done all this without Niki. He is with us in thought."

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