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An incurable inferiority complex. This is the evil that seems to eat away at the BMW X6. Not content to be the star of a motor current he himself was the forerunner, to display today the template of a construction machine and to banish the subtlety of its stylistic language, this cut SUV strives to monopolize the attention within a category, it is true, always more provided.

We do not see any other explanation for the adoption of yet another gimmick: a luminous grille. Yes, those to whom giant beans of this third generation do not jump enough (there are surely) can make them shine in the night against a supplement of 550 €. There is enough to stay in voice. Indignation or wonder, it's according to …

If in the worst case, the finery of the X6 really did not come back, get behind the wheel enough to turn away. Once on board, difficult even to make the difference with the latest opus dated X5. Which, beyond the simple aesthetic criterion, is appreciated as a compliment. These two "X" sharing the same technical base, the "6" in turn stretches its wheelbase more than 4 cm compared to its predecessor to better pamper passengers.

The space is not lacking, including in the back where the roof guard is suitable for adults despite the leaking line of the pavilion. The chest does not suffer too much since it displays a minimum of 580 liters before the 40/20/40 divisible file of the bench is folded down.

Closely derived from its more family-oriented range, this (big?) SAC (Sport Activity Coupe as likes to designate BMW) takes only the most noble engines. In this M50i version, it includes the inexhaustible V8 4.4 biturbo. A block delivering the trifle of 530 hp and 750 Nm from 1800 rpm.

If this is not the most communicative of the genre despite the presence of a sport exhaust series, it is probably one of the most energetic. The ease with which he allows this mastodon to crack the air, or rather to push it, is beyond comprehension. As usual, the ZF original 8-speed automatic transmission, which is extremely fluid, does not affect the lightning progress of the machine. To believe that some of its 2,310 kg have evaporated.

The engine is not the only one trying to dispel this mass that is simply unreasonable. On this M50i, the all-wheel drive and the pilot-operated rear differential, present in series, complement each other, as an option, steering rear wheels and active roll control. Boasting a more sporty orientation than the X5, this X6 is distinguished even by 5% controlled stiffened suspension springs and 20% stiffened stabilizer bars without the comfort being really degraded.

This is how he manages to contain his cash movements, even to go from one cap to the other with relative joy in view of his measurements. A guarantee of agility, the posterior accompanies the occasional curve of a subtle comma of gum on the ground. Although physics always wins, the feat deserves to be highlighted.

It remains to pay the price, not just the one indicated at the bottom of the order form. The rear tires, with a caricature width (315/35 R21), copy the imperfections of the road and cause annoying ripples of the trajectory in a straight line.

Above all, to want to reconcile the irreconcilable, the pleasure of driving does not come out especially grown up. Take the bet that a more humble Series 5 of the same power would be far more sensational. Inherent in a high weight and center of gravity, this debauchery of sophistication provokes conversely a global feeling of sanitizationlike a desperately mute direction.

Even against the X5 which, it is true, had particularly impressed us during a detour through the Alps last winter, the surplus road temperament tends to dull. The fears of the X6 to be forgotten were eventually justified …

Our verdict

Unless melting for a presentation that, certainly, can not leave indifferent, turn away from X5 for an X6 seems quite dispensable.

WE love

  • More welcoming interior
  • Technological content
  • performances

We like less

  • congestion
  • Sweetened driving sensations
  • Questionable concept

BMW X6 M50i Specification


  • Trial version: 101 550 €
  • Starting from € 101,550
  • Average manufacturer / during the test (l / 100 km): 10.4 / 16.5
  • CO2/ malus: 237/10 500 € (2019)
  • Fiscal power: 43 hp
  • Country of manufacture: United States

Proposed range

  • Gasoline from 340 to 530 hp, from 81,000 € to 101,650 €
  • Diesel from 265 to 400 hp, from 79,100 € to 103,600 €


  • Engine: front, longitudinal, twin-turbo V8, direct injection, 32 valves, variable intake and intake valve timing, stop & start, 4,395 cm3, distribution by chain.
  • Transmission: full, 8-speed automatic
  • Power (rpm to rpm): 530 to 5,500
  • Torque (Nm at rpm): 750 to 1800
  • Weight (kg): 2,310
  • Long.xlarg.xhaut. (m): 4.94 × 2.00 × 1.70
  • Wheelbase (m): 2.98
  • Tank (l): 83
  • Max speed (km / h): 250 (limited)
  • 0 to 100 km / h: 4 "3
  • Series tires AV-AR: 275/40 R21-315 / 35 R21
  • Tires of the test: Pirelli PZero


  • Safe 5/2 (l): 580/1 530


  • Active anti-roll bars and rear steering wheels: € 3,650
  • Spare wheel: 300 €
  • Advanced Comfort AV seats: € 1,350


  • Audi Q8, from € 76,400
  • Porsche Cayenne Coupé, from € 85,737

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