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Posted on Oct 16, 2020 at 6:03 am


The happiness of moving in silence and in a breath without emitting an ounce of pollution. The X3 "Plug-In" even makes this pleasure last around 50 km, more than enough for daily journeys. All without fear of a blackout when you go further. Magic of four cylinders married to an electric motor, the total autonomy then exceeds 700 km while guaranteeing the sensations of real BM: 100 km / h are reached in 6.1 seconds.


In these times when every drop of fuel counts, the arrival of a 292 hp BMW has something to excite: it displays WLTP consumption (the strictest standard) under 3 l / 100 km, for emissions of CO2 of less than 60 g / km (better than the most economical thermal city cars). Especially since its prices, from 59,600 euros, and even more so its long-term rents, are now overshadowing generalist brands.


With Porsche and perhaps one or two Audi and Alfa, BMW cultivates a kind of virtuoso alchemy which puts any driver – even the most resistant to the automotive thing – in the position of admirer as soon as he turns the wheel. The force of a "touch of the road" giving shivers from the first few meters and that does not alter the weight of the batteries.


There are undoubtedly still a few too many buttons on the dashboard … But the X3 PHEV is undeniably one of those SUVs that are both neat (the quantity of pixels in the central screen is impressive), equipped (its number of (driving aids bring a little closer to the autonomous car) and chic (astonishing choice of beautiful woodwork), which reassure by their finish made to last and their extra soul. BMW is still a sacred signature.


BMW X3 XDrive 3.0e Luxury

Power: 292 hp (cumulative).

From 0 to 100 km / h: 6.1 s.

Length: 4.71 m.

CO2 emissions: 44 to 59 g / km.

Consumption: from 1.6 l to 2.6 l / 100 km

Autonomy in "electric" mode: 42 to 51 km.

Price: 69,050 euros.

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