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BMW X2 xDrive25e only 38 g of CO2 Le - BMW X2 xDrive25e, only 38 g of CO2 - Le Figaro

BMW is accelerating the electrification of its range. While it occupies a leading position in the first four months of 2020 with a 10% penetration in the market for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the Munich-based manufacturer continues its offensive. He thus planned these electrified models will represent 25% of its European sales volumes in 2021. An imperative to continue the decline in the average of CO emissions2 of its range. To achieve his goal, he will rely on the most developed range of electrified vehicles. While it has just announced in its 2021 model year revision program, implemented this summer, the development of light hybridization to 51 models, plug-in hybrid technology continues to weave its web. In the range of its SUVs, BMW will be able to offer four plug-in hybrid models in a few measures.

The battery pack is installed under the rear seat. Tom Kirkpatrick / Tom Kirkpatrick; BMW AG

After the X5 and X3, it is now the turn of the X1 and X2 to convert to this technology that many consider to be the best of both worlds. Indeed, the rechargeable hybrid guarantees electric autonomy of several tens of kilometers for driving in low-emission areas or the center of cities while preserving the freedom of movement of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. Today, BMW tells us a little more about the X2, the dynamic derivative of the X1. Its technology combines the 3-cylinder 1.5 liter turbo petrol of the Mini Cooper deflated at 125 hp (instead of 136 hp) with an electric machine of 95 hp and an automatic transmission. The set produces a power of 220 horsepower and a torque of 385 Nm. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 10 kWh placed under the rear seat, without affecting the capacity of the trunk, the X2 claims electric autonomy 53 km. According to the new WLTP protocol, the X2 xDrive25e announces an approved consumption at 1.7 l / 100 km, which corresponds to CO emissions2 of 38 g / km.

Tom Kirkpatrick / Tom Kirkpatrick; BMW AG

Thanks to the installation of the electric motor on the rear axle, this X2 turns into propulsion when it runs in EV mode up to a speed of 135 km / h but becomes a four-wheel drive when the two motors work together . Recognizable by its recharging hatch in the left front wing, this SUV needs 3.2 hours with the BMW i Wallbox for the battery to regain its full potential.

In terms of performance, the X2 xDrive25e announces a top speed of 195 km / h and cuts the 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds. This fourth rechargeable hybrid model of the X family will be launched next July at a price of 49,000 euros; € 51,400 in Business version.

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