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On paper, BMW’s plug-in hybrid family access SUV has it all. Not content with benefiting from the 2,000 euros of government bonus in its basic version (46,650 €), it displays, thanks to the fairy electricity, a standardized consumption of 1.7 l / 100 km, or CO emissions2 of 39 g / km.

This applies to individuals a total or partial exemption from registration fees depending on the departments and, to companies, an exemption from tax on company vehicles, a partial recovery of VAT on gasoline and an increased ceiling of the tax. damping thanks to the battery.

Before converting to the X1 xDrive 25e, a detailed analysis of its needs and movements is necessary. If you are a heavy roller (more than 30,000 km per year) and only drive around town very occasionally, this vehicle is not for you. On the other hand, if the week, your trips are limited to chip jumps of a few tens of kilometers and each return to your base, you can connect to a socket to recharge the battery (5 hours on a domestic socket) , this SUV better meets your expectations.


In practice, aligning the sobriety supported by BMW seems out of reach, but the more often we recharge the 10 kWh battery (8.8 kWh useful capacity) and we drive in the city or at low speed, the less we will spend at the pump . Of course, our electric range has never exceeded 46 km with a full battery, instead of the advertised 52 km, but it has proven to be sufficient for our daily commutes.

Advances in technology are also measured by the ability to maintain zero-emission propulsion when climbing and under heavy acceleration. Energy exchanges are perfectly managed.

On the highway, the cumulative power of 220 hp obtained thanks to the association of the 3-cylinder 1.5 l turbo of 125 hp with an electric machine of 95 hp placed on the rear axle guarantees satisfactory performance (0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds) for a vehicle admitting all the same more than 1,800 kg on the scale. In this case, you will have to agree to flirt with 8 l / 100 km and even exceed them if you select the "Save battery" mode which allows you to recharge the batteries while driving.


The small gasoline tank (36 l) reduces the range to around 400 km. Other through: a driving position typical of minivan, a suspension too firm and decked out with trepidation, a trunk amputated of 55 liters (450 l) and a rear seat that no longer slides.

Technical sheet


Capacity: 1,499 cm3

Type: 3-cyl. turbo petrol (125 hp) + electric (95 hp)

Power: 220 hp (cumulative)

Torque: 385 Nm (cumulative)

Transmission: Integral, automatic gearbox. 6 reports

Dimensions (L / W / H): 4,447 x 1,821 x 1,598 mm

Weight: 1,820 kg

Safe: 450 liters

Performance (0-100 km / h): 6.9 seconds

Speed: 193 km / h

Consumption (Mixed EU): 1.7 l / 100 km

CO emissions2: 39 g / km

Price: from 46 650 €

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