BMW: towards the end of the six-cylinder with four turbos? –

The six-cylinder diesel with a quadruple supercharging could be hatched at BMW, the fault of a specific production and intended for Europe. The six-cylinder twin-turbo diesel will be the only high-end engine on this type of fuel at BMW from 2020.

BMW towards the end of the six cylinder with four turbos - BMW: towards the end of the six-cylinder with four turbos? -

The information has not yet been confirmed by BMW, but our colleagues at Bimmerpost seem confident. The German manufacturer should indeed stop production of the famous diesel engine with four turbos, developing 400 hp and nearly 800 Nm. Produced only on high-end models M50d (Series 5/7, X5, X6, X7).

It must be said that BMW must, like all other manufacturers, meet new obligations in terms of CO2 from 2020, and this engine, which, let us remember, is specific to Europe (unlike the V8 petrol, sold worldwide), represents an attractive offer for those who want a powerful engine and less fuel-consuming than an eight-cylinder petrol.

The specificity of its uniquely European distribution, which certainly complicates production. BMW should thus leave the six-cylinder biturbo diesel as the only "standard bearer" of this fuel on high-end models, but a 400 hp variant with hybridization is not to be excluded for the coming months, replacing the M50d.

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