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The motorcycle presented in 2019 at the Villa d'Este elegance competition was thrilled. Unveiled as a concept, it didn't take long before BMW announced its future commercialization. As we confirmed at BMW France: " when you present a concept, it's never trivial, there is always a concrete project behind. "

If we waited for the official presentation of the custom in its final production version at the Milan Motor Show last November, BMW surprised everyone by unveiling a second version, unrelated to the efficient and refined style of the R18 presented in Italy. The BMW / 2, a modern vision of the cruiser, should also be part of the adventure.

BMW R18 the latest exclusive news - BMW R18: the latest exclusive news -
The R18 / 2 had created misunderstanding, even disappointment among fans of the R18 concept.

Let fans of the early BMW R18 first version be reassured. We are indeed able to confirm that the motorcycle, already pre-bookable against a deposit of € 1,000, which will be offered on the market first will be very close to the concept of the Villa d'Este. This is sure to please everyone who has been thrilled by this version.

Methodically, BMW should proceed with the production of the original R18, before offering a (small) range of machines of the same DNA, and equipped with the large 18000 boxer. According to our information, the official presentation should even take place during the 1st half 2020 for marketing planned in the following six months.

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The Big Boxer 1800, the real star of the R18.

We have also been confirmed that so far the information relayed in the media has been fairly close to reality. It will therefore take a little more patience before officially discovering the different motorcycles with the R18 logo, but this little information already makes it possible to navigate towards a clearer horizon.

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