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When you attack a rival, expect his answer to be hard to cash … Social media managers at BMW and Mercedes-Benz know what you're talking about after a hilarious exchange on Twitter.

BMW started hostilities with a tweet while making fun of Mercedes-Benz.

A few minutes later, the Twitter account 'Daimler AG' responded verbatim without the need to add an image.

This simple statement silenced BMW. Subsequently, Internet users have published mass humorous gifs that summarize the situation succinctly.

If you do not understand the answer Daimler, you should know that the designers of BMW are breaking codes by oversizing the grille of the new models. It started with the BMW X7, but it was not so obvious because of the large size of the model. The Restyled Series 7 also received a larger grille, but that did not really suit him. Later, BMW introduced the Concept 4 which displays a deliberately huge grille and is obviously not to everyone's taste.

Netizens laughed at BMW for the 'ridiculous' size of their grille. Daimler is obviously of the same opinion as the refractories and let it know to BMW.

Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW's design director, defended this element of style by saying that it is in the interest of the company to change its style. BMW does not expect to reduce the size of its calandres so that they find a more normal dimension. On the contrary, it turns out that the manufacturer will continue in this direction, that this does not please some.

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