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Regularly, builders
Germans compare themselves, challenge each other and carry each other. Especially BMW and
Mercedes-Benz. The last example dates from this Halloween weekend.

On October 31st, for Halloween, the
BMW's American account on Twitter had fun publishing a photo of a
Class E53 draped with an M5-shaped tarpaulin and a wink to his neighbor's
Stuttgart: « Now, every car can dress like its
superheroes favorites
". Mercedes did not let itself be trolled
with impunity and the firm to the star respond: " Nice @BMWUSA.
It's really a scary costume. Especially the radiator grille
In this case, Mercedes is having fun with the new Munich car noses.
It must be said that recent productions (BMW X7, Concept 4 …) are discussed
by car enthusiasts. These point naseaux too
imposing not to say ridiculous.

BMW Mercedes Benz two manufacturers who like to trot - BMW - Mercedes-Benz, two manufacturers who like to trot. - Autosphere - The blog

BMW – Mercedes, love cow

It's been years since both
German premium builders tease each other on social networks, usually but not exclusively. So let's remember some
recent examples.

March 2016 – Mercedes wishes
a happy birthday to BMW, young centenary. " Thank you for those 100 years
of competition. The first 30 were a bit boring
". The opportunity
for the firm to the star to recall his greatest experience. Better, the entrance
at the Mercedes-Benz Museum were free for all BMW employees to learn
the entire automotive history.

May 2018 – BMW launches its X2 SUV. In
an ad published on Twitter, a golden X2 passes in front of a Mercedes garage
for what appears to be the end of game because a " real star
gold spell

May 2019 – Last spring, Dieter
Zetsche retired after 13 years at the helm of Mercedes. And BMW from
have fun imagining the famous mustache able to finally drive a BMW i8

If you draw a perspective,
we note that the two manufacturers love to taunt. We notice
nevertheless it is always done with humor and without malice. Whether BMW
who trolle Mercedes or Mercedes valve BMW, we talk about these two brands … and
not others.

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