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A few days ago, we discovered with amazement the photos of a prototype of a mysterious BMW 8 Series. We suggested that this mule had an engine in the rear central position because of the presence of several elements. In reality, and according to the latest information, it is not. In an article published by a German site, BMW denied the existence of a mid-engine model.

Today, and according to our colleagues at, the aforementioned prototype announces something new. No, and unfortunately there will be no mid-engined BMW; not at the moment anyway. According to Spanish journalists, the Munich automaker plans to launch a new version of the BMW M8. There is of course the standard M8, the M8 Competition, but soon it is said that we will be entitled to an M8 CSL!

BMW M8 CSL to arrive soon Motor1 France - BMW M8 CSL to arrive soon - Motor1 France

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The Munich manufacturer is said to be developing this spicy version. According to our information, it would carry the very famous V8 which would be associated with an electric motor. Yes, you read that correctly, this BMW CSL would therefore be a hybrid vehicle. Its power will naturally be higher than that of the M8 Competition, rumors announce 700 horsepower or more.

Our illustrator tried to imagine this M8 CSL. As you can see from the render, this version is more aggressive. It embeds specific shields as well as several elements to differentiate it from other versions. BMW has probably made the choice to use carbon fiber extensively to lighten the weight of its vehicle. It is said that this sassy version will not be launched until 2022. We must therefore wait a few years before seeing it roll.

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