BMW M3 CSL Aero Athlete the ultimate M3 - BMW M3 CSL Aero Athlete, the ultimate M3? -

Do you like the M3 CSL? So how about a version radicalized to the max based on this special variant?

Who is the best BMW sports car of all time? Impossible not to think of the M3 to answer this question. The German manufacturer's sports coupe, launched in 1986 in its very first version and since declined in many generations of models, is one of the essential machines on the market.

Among all these generations of M3, the CSL of the E46 version retains a special place. Launched in 2003 and limited to 1358 copies, it benefited from a very special development with a slightly lighter chassis and different settings. Almost twenty years later, it is one of the most sought after M3s on the collection market.

The perfect M3?

Khyzyl Saleem has just looked at the case of this M3 CSL type E46. He virtually imagined an extreme version of the beast, with a very impressive body kit and ridiculously low ground clearance. With an atmospheric six-cylinder in-line engine pushed to more than 400 horsepower and a maximum mass (1100 kg?), This would undoubtedly be the ideal M3 …

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