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To take advantage of the confinement in their own way, two pilots who regularly feed the SwitchRiders YouTube channel, achieved a remarkable feat at the wheel of their BMWs cut for drifting, traveling at high speed (and across) steep mountain roads in the Alps. . The tires smoke as much as possible in this impressive video for accomplished petrolheads, with an almost perfect harmony between the two cars which follow the variations of angles between the bumper against bumper turns.


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BMW M3 and 1 M Series drift competition on mountain - BMW M3 and 1 M Series: drift competition on mountain roads in the Alps - Autonews

Credit Photo – BMW

To make their drift video, you obviously needed propulsion vehicles worthy of the name capable of shredding their tires on the asphalt dramatically. If the video begins with a little ride with friends in a BMW M3 and a 1 M Series “stock”, competition animals quickly appear to amaze us and are much more prepared for this type of exercise. One of them magically transforms into a BMW M3 GTS prepared to develop 750 hp at the rear wheels while the other transforms into a 1M of 910 hp, still sweeping the rear axle. Equipped with bucket seats, completely emptied and equipped with hydraulic hand brakes, the two German sportswomen are ready to take on the roads of the Alps with their intrepid drivers behind the wheel. They may be a little crazy, but they have a cool head and precise hands to lead these two monsters in constant gliding on roads barely wider than the cars themselves. Take advantage of this show of force on video, thrills guaranteed!

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