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Grrrrrr !!! Put a part in the tap, well several, because the champion of the propulsions has a good descent. Quickly press the mushroom, wrap your arms on the hoop, look as far as possible. And there, automatic gaze animations: narrowed eyes, open mouth, silly grin, but thrills guaranteed. The surprise is considerable. The BMW M2 CS, the ultimate limited series of Munich's sportiest compact car, excites the senses … You have instantly understood why BMW, with these devils of “Motorsport”, is one of the best engine manufacturers in the world. But, by Jupiter, what cavalry! 450 horses of pleasure and performance; Indisputably.

Series limited to 3000 copies

The CS version of the M2 proudly took off its light suit, a kind of sharp sportswear, at the last Los Angeles 2019 auto show: the world before COVID. It's true, it had caused a sensation, transforming the “Competition Pack” version, the last in the catalog, into a sort of “pale” M2 in gym outfit, or even training.

Designed for the whole world in 3000 copies, 200 of them are intended only for France, the M2 CS has an even more exclusive and sharper look! A kind of bestial Baby M4, radical, but versatile. Carbon fiber, an essential sports pedigree, invading the blue body of this version cut for winding roads and now 450 hp strong. A mind-boggling power that equals its big sister, the current M4 pack competition … Or there! It sets the tone.

BMW M2 CS test an unlimited limited series - BMW M2 CS test: an unlimited limited series - Turbo.frAll-carbon rear diffuser surrounds the four tailpipes

Good to know: anticipate the purchase and resale.

It is possible to know the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle thanks to the auto Turbo rating of your BMW M2, the alternative to the Argus rating.

98,900 euros … Too many euros

And within the competition, particularly rare, there are still some sharp cars like the wonderful Mercedes A45s AMG, developing with its 4 cylinders unique in the world, 421 hp. A small 2.0-liter designed by the other AMG preparer-manufacturer located rather in the region of Stuttgart.

We could add the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 which has 420 hp for a similar price … Less than 100,000 euros. What? Compact sports cars have lost their minds, and we, our portfolio. At the same time, CS is becoming more desirable because there will not be something for everyone. This is how you make the car profitable.

The rarity making the exclusivity, with the price that goes with it: 98,900 euros. You just have to compare with the “M2 Competition” version, you make a small subtraction and you get 31,800 euros difference … There, it's still exaggerated! Can we forgive him for this discrepancy? “Moui” anyway a little … You will read why.

Carbon, athletic pedigree

Not without a certain aggressiveness, but nicely designed, the CS recovers a front blade and a carbon roof. The shield is specific just like the engine hood with an air inlet flanked in the center, a rear diffuser surrounding the wide exhaust outlets, a spoiler on the trunk, also in carbon, and particularly nice bucket seats.

In fact, those found on the M4 … In short, the "Béhème" has a dog, a greyhound, agile and light, 1.570 kg dry, more than a doped Saint Bernard grandfather.

1602611726 575 BMW M2 CS test an unlimited limited series - BMW M2 CS test: an unlimited limited series -

To drive is crazy!

On paper, it's interesting. The CS has eaten up the horse, (politically, it's not quite correct) 40 hp more, exactly, but what do you expect, in the automobile industry, once swallowed, the extra horses always have a useful role : that of improving pleasure and performance.

His six-cylinder 3.0-liter twin-turbo blows a prestissimo tempo with an eager but oh so characteristic rattle that screams a mechanical range without alteration from 1,000 to 7,000 rev / min … Ah this six-cylinder "behemoth"! Wonderful ! The first real acceleration is always astounding… It can reach 100 km / h in 4 seconds. Impressive, even if it's only 0.2 seconds less than an M2 Competition. I admit, it's expensive the extra tenth of a second. And the maximum speed is limited to 280 km / h.

To mitigate its soaring enthusiasm, the CS, nervous but very mastered, has "steel" brakes with a diameter worthy of a 33 rpm (400 mm, precisely) at the front with 6 piston calipers, and 355 mm at the rear, combined with 4 piston calipers. It brakes hard, and it is better, even for a long time, endurance is finally required on a BMW. The fact remains that the BMW M2 CS, with its adaptive three-level suspension, remains a particularly crazy tool to drive, to guide, a treat.

The power goes well on the ground, in the dry, respecting the declared philosophy: that of a "pleasure" propulsion, playful at will, but never deceptive, exciting even when you disconnect all the electronic crutches …

No middleman! It's “ON / OFF”, it's up to you to set the limits, yours no doubt, not those of the car. When the roads are wetter, beware of optimism! The slightest deviation could turn the ballad into galleys. But it is also the spirit of real propulsion that remains safe to drive when electronics get involved.

1602611726 47 BMW M2 CS test an unlimited limited series - BMW M2 CS test: an unlimited limited series -

Technical characteristics BMW M2 CS

Technical sheet BMW M2 CS
Model tested: BMW M2 CS
Engine 6-cylinder in-line 3.0-liter twin-turbo
Power 450 hp
Couple 1600 Nm at 2000 rpm
Weight 1570 kg dry
0 to 100 km / h 4.0 s
Max speed 280 km / h
Prices 99,800 euros
Number of copies 3000 of which around 200 for France

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