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The formula is known and can be summed up in a clever mix of carbon fiber body elements, inflated mechanics and sports features. This is the hallmark of the BMW Motorsport Department. Since its birth, the M3, according to the generations, has declined in an exclusive variant taking advantage of the lessons of the competition. The most emblematic of them is certainly the M3 CSL developed from the E46 model launched in 2000. The tradition has been maintained and the current M3-M4 pair also benefits from a CS declination. It is now the turn of the M2 to bend, for the first time, to the tradition of the special series.

The M2 CS adopts a carbon fiber roof. Uwe Fischer

Called Clubsport (CS), this compact sports car features many carbon fiber body components: the engine hood, the aerodynamic blade, the rear diffuser and the roof. The latter participates in lowering the center of gravity, guarantor of higher dynamics on the circuit. BMW engineers have also forecast that buyers of the M2 CS tease the chronometer since their new creation is based on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. They put forged wheels that can receive an optional gold tone. At no extra cost, the catalog also offers Pilot Super Sport with better wet grip. The rims hide M Sport brakes with six-piston callipers at the front; four pistons in the front. Compared to the composites brakes of the M2 Competition, the discs adopt a larger diameter. The list of options includes carbon-ceramic discs.

The piece of choice remains the 6-cylinder in line 3 liters biturbo. Compared to the M2 Competition, the engine manufacturers managed to win 40 horses to approach 10 horses near the power of the M4 CS. The M2 CS claims the trifling 450 horsepower. It can be paired with either the six-speed manual gearbox, for the first time on a CS model, or the optional 7-speed DKG dual-clutch transmission. With the latter, the M2 CS is able to reach 100 km / h in just 4 seconds. Equipped with the Pack Experience M, the new creation of Motorosport displays a maximum speed clamped at 280 km / h. With the DKG gearbox, fuel consumption is 9.4 l / 100 km, with CO2 emissions of 214 g / km.

The interior adopts the codes of sports cars. Uwe Fischer

In favor of strengthening sports skills, the M2 CS receives the suspension SelectDrive M, reserved so far to the M4 and allowing a damping adjustment by playing on three modes Comfort, Sport or Sport +. In addition, the interior has a more sporty atmosphere with a central console in carbon fiber and lightweight tubs marrying leather and suede. Particular care was also taken to the sound. Offered only in Misano blue metallic livery, the M2 CS is available to order for 99,800 euros.

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