BMW i3 (2020): the "WindMill" edition is launched –

The BMW i3 is not dead! Quite the contrary. While for months many rumors announced its end of career, the Bavarian electric city car recently saw its production be extended until 2024.

Result, in spite of mixed sales, it continues its career today with a new special series called "WindMill", which means "Windmill" in French. A "reference to its method of production which respects natural resources, its lightweight design, which is always unique, and its use without local polluting emissions," explains its manufacturer.

Exclusive look, additional equipment

Reserved for the French market, this edition differs from an entry-level i3 thanks to an exclusive decoration referring to the wind world on its grille, tailgate and decorative inserts. There are also aluminum badges at the foot of the mirrors.

To avoid spoiling, it also receives additional equipment such as heated front seats, the "Professional" navigation system and the Advanced Parking Pack which includes a reversing camera, front and rear parking sensors as well as Park Assist.

A price that starts at € 42,800

On the price side, the BMW i3 WindMill special series, with 170 hp under the hood, is offered from € 42,800, excluding the ecological bonus. Count € 46,050, still without bonus, for the i3S version with 184 hp.

Marketed in 2013, the BMW i3 exceeded at the beginning of 2020 the bar of 165,000 copies sold worldwide. In France, more than 11,000 copies have been registered since its launch.

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