Fabio Quartararo won the BMW M Award, which rewards the best rider in qualifying for the Moto GP season.

BMW gives an M2 to Fabio Quartararo the driver will - BMW gives an M2 to Fabio Quartararo, the driver will give it to his father - Caradisiac.com

A beautiful gift of consolation. If he failed to be crowned world champion, Fabio Quartararo received the BMW M Award in Moto GP. It rewards the best driver in qualifying. He succeeds Marc Marquez, who won this award from 2013 to 2019.

The classification for this prize is made by awarding points on the same scale as for the races. After the last qualifying session of the year, in Portugal, where he placed fifth, Fabio Quartararo finished with 225 points. He has been in pole position four times this year.

And the prize is not just a trophy to put on the fireplace. There is an M2 CS, the most advanced version of BMW’s small sports coupe. The vehicle has a 450 hp inline six cylinder engine with a maximum torque of 550 Nm. It goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds. The model was sold with us for almost 100,000 €.

And Fabio Quartararo, only 21, knows what to do with it: “the car is not for me, I will give it to my father.” He told the Motorsport website: “After qualifying, he always talks to me about this car so it will be his Christmas present”. At least he can cross a name off the gift list!

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