BMW Motorrad France unveiled the projects of its dealer network at Chaudronneries de Montreuil. Thus, 13 of the 18 R18 candidates for the final victory were exhibited to the delight of spectators with preparations more successful and original than the others. This former elastic factory also housed two non-category machines including the R18 Horizon Ride x Tank Machine and the R18 BMW Motorrad France, a preparation offered by the importer directly. The R 18 with the new colors and R 18 Classic First Edition served as the basis for all these preparations. Here are some of them in photos, some with the inspiration of the bobber, widen your eyes.

black monsters wave by optimum motos
Black Monster’s Wave by Optimum Motos

Black Monster’s Wave by Optimum Motos in Caen (14): Ape Hanger handlebars, single-seat spring-loaded saddle and side license plate.

original custom by motorbike more
Original Custom by Moto Plus

Original Custom by Moto Plus in Albi: rear fender, Bobber saddle and glitter paint on the tank and fork.

royal racer by moto store aix
Royal Racer by Moto Store Aix

Royal Racer by Moto Store Aix in Aix en Provence: reminder of the first motorcycles with the enveloping rear mudguard and the longitudinal plate on the front mudguard.

red 18 by rtm toulon
Red 18 by RTM Toulon

Red 18 by RTM Toulon: inspired by the R18 / 2 concept we saw at the EICMA show in Milan with its Hard Candy Red shade and glitter, and of course original parts.

r18 3 by challenge one
R18: 3 by Challenge One

R18 / 3 by Challenge One in Agen: a low rider with its fork crown fairing and RSD rims.

french riviera bobber by nice premium motors
French Riviera Bobber by Nice Premium Motors

French Riviera Bobber by Nice Premium Motors with many aluminum parts including engine fairings reminiscent of car grilles, BMW tells us.

r18 red line by sport moto thome
R18 Red Line by Sport Moto Thome

R18 Red Line by Sport Moto Thome in Nîmes. Always red and inspired by the R18 / 2 concept again, with parts borrowed from the RSD catalog.

boxer evasion edition
Boxer Evasion Edition

Boxer Evasion Edition by Boxer Evasion in Lille with its automotive-inspired blue and many changes made by the team that we already know, especially with this R NineT preparation discovered at home before the Covid.

bobber spirit by boxer passion
Bobber Spirit by Boxer Passion

Bobber Spirit by Boxer Passion in Rennes, inspired by the famous wild outfit with Marlon Brando who could not make himself available that evening.

r18 m via bayern avenue
R18 M via Bayern Avenue

And finally the R18 /// M by Bayern Avenue in Mougins where the chrome has been replaced by RSD parts and custom paint.

So much for our selection of machines present that evening. The 18 machines can be found in detail on the Custom Contest R18 BMW website. Online voting closes on July 31, 2021!

  • Art Bike by Amandine Mangenot – Car Avenue (Lesménils)
  • Black Monster’s Wave – Optimum Motos (Caen)
  • BMW R 18 – 923 – Normandy Motos (Saint-Jean-du-Cardonnay)
  • Bobber Spirit – Boxer Passion (Rennes)
  • French Riviera Bobber – Nice Premium Motors (Nice)
  • Original Custom – Moto Plus (Albi)
  • R 18 /// M – Bayern Avenue (Mougins)
  • R 18 Blue Origin – Azzurro (Smooth)
  • R 18 Boxer Evasion – Boxer Evasion (Lille)
  • R 18 Liberty Rider – Espace Motos 86 (Poitiers)
  • R 18 Preference 33 – Preference 33 (Bordeaux)
  • R 18 Red Line – Sport Moto Thomas (Nîmes)
  • R 18 Sport Edition – Bärenstark (Paris)
  • R 18/3 Custom Chrome – Challenge One (Agen)
  • Red 18 – RTM Toulon (Toulon)
  • RO2 – CO2 Moto (Vélizy-Villacoublay)
  • Royal Racer – Moto Store Aix (Aix-en-Provence)
  • The YF63 Project – Auvergne Touring (Aubière)

And then we must not forget the two standout motorcycles that are the R18 of BMW France and Horizon Ride x Tank Machine, nor the R18 Art Bike by Amandine Mangenot of Car Avenue in Lesmesnils with its tank painting at the opening of the article that will remind BMW car enthusiasts of something. It is an oil painting done by hand.

r18 bmw motorrad france
R18 BMW Motorrad France
r18 tank machine
R18 Tank Machine