Lukas Haag is the designer of this amazing BMW style study. He imagined where the BMW grille could evolve through a futuristic concept. Here are the latest tweaks for this project.

First observation: this concept remains faithful to the DNA of BMW even if it is extremely different from all the models marketed today. Lukas Haag worked a lot before unveiling the images of his avant-garde project. Yet this electric hypercar which would seem to be intended for semi-autonomous driving may please you.

Under its futuristic and sleek design, it would have a central engine that would promise good performance to its driver. His “nasty” air says a lot about his driving style, hence the large cabin installed at the front of this concept with 4 seats.

A grille like no other

No giant beans for the BMWs of the future! Lukas does not seem convinced by the grille of the Series 4 which is so controversial.

The grille of his concept is somewhat similar to those installed on BMW’s electric vehicles. However, Lukas Haag has not lost its originality: it puts an end to the black plastic grille used for example for the BMW i4. It therefore takes up more space by extending over the entire width of the front panel, while keeping the brand’s DNA. Rather successful, no?