BMW comes back to Mercedes! –

After a year 2018 dominated by Mercedes-Benz, BMW takes again the head of the premium manufacturers in the United States.

In the war between the three biggest premium brands in the world, Mercedes had taken the advantage for two years. The brand with the star had indeed achieved a spectacular progression in a few years, it which was in third position at the beginning of the decade behind Audi and BMW in number of sales.

But is the trend reversing? the figures for the American market, one of the two most important segments of premium manufacturers in the world with China, have just fallen. And Mercedes is no longer first.

BMW in the lead

With 324,826 cars sold in 2019, BMW is ahead of the 316,094 vehicles sold by Mercedes over the same period in the United States. Lexus follows in 3rd position with 298,114 units in this market where Audi traditionally occupies a poorer place than in the rest of the world: the brand with the rings is only fourth with 224,111 cars sold before Acura (157,385) Cadillac (156 246) and Infiniti (117 708). Now remains to know the global figures for 2019 …

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