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Car2Go and Drive Now, the car-sharing and self-service vehicle services of Daimler and BMW, officially merge. The automakers announced the merger of their mobility services and detailed the creation of five separate mobility services last February (Park Now, Charge Now, Share Now, Reach Now and Free Now). As of Tuesday, November 12, 2019, the two car-sharing services Car2Go and Drive Now will take the name of Share Now.

20,000 vehicles in 21 cities

The new Share Now application will be available in 21 European cities, including Paris where Car2Go has established itself. For customers, this change will be visible after updating their application. The biggest change will be in the cities where the two applications coexisted (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Milan and Vienna): the two car-sharing vehicles will be gradually merged until the first quarter of 2020. The manufacturers will also gradually change the visual identity of their fleet of 20,000 vehicles over the next few weeks.

The Share Now car-sharing service claims more than four million members. However, competition is fierce in this sector. Several automakers are launching their own apps. Starting with Renault and PSA with their Parisian services Moov'in.Paris and Free2Move. But also Volkswagen with its application WeShare. Conversely, General Motors seems to be backing down with Maven, a service he has quietly withdrawn from eight US cities out of 17 where he was present.

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