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The plug-in hybrid will soon be more affordable at BMW with two new entry-level variants on the sedan side, the 320th and 520th. The plug-in hybrid system shared by the two vehicles results from the combination of a 163 hp 2.0 gasoline 4-cylinder petrol engine and a 103 hp electric motor. The total power delivered by the powertrain reaches 204 hp for a torque of 350 Nm, against 292 hp for the 330e and 530e variants. An 8-speed Steptronic transmission transmits power to the rear wheels or to all four wheels with the xDrive system (3 Series Touring). Sedan and Touring bodywork are available for both models, available to order from next March. The main advantage of these variants is that they all emit less than 50g of CO2 / km, even for the 320th Touring in xDrive.

Up to 57 km of full electric autonomy

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BMW 320e and 520e (2021) | Photos of plug-in hybrid models

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The BMW 320e and 520e are fitted with the same 12 kWh battery, identical to that of the more powerful plug-in hybrid models. This pack allows them to display all-electric autonomy between 41 and 57 km according to the WLTP cycle. The battery is recharged up to a power of 3.7 kW, so allow a little more than 3h30 to fully charge it (0 to 80% in a little more than 2h30). Integrated connected navigation will allow sedans to automatically switch to electric mode in future LEZs (ultra-low emission zones) of major European cities, provided they have sufficient electricity reserves.

Despite a power that barely exceeds 200 hp, the BMW 320e and 520e offer quite sufficient performance, with a 0 to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds (320th Sedan) or even in 8.2 seconds at most. (320th Touring xDrive and 520th Touring). Top speeds are around every 220 km / h, or 140 km / h in full electric mode. The vehicles’ towing capacity remains attractive with up to 1.5 tonnes for the 320th and 1.7 tonnes for the 520th. They will be available at prices a little more affordable than the 330e, 530e and 545e models currently in the catalog.