Sacrilege? Perhaps. Interesting? Certainly. BMW has sold its E46 generation 3 Series in several body styles. But one thing is certain, there was no pickup. You had the sedan and the station wagon, but also the coupé and cabriolet, because the two-door models were still part of the 3 Series family at the time. And not yet Series 4. The fifth member of the range was the Series 3 Compact with three doors, which was not much appreciated. Except in 325ti of 192 horses.

The fact remains that none of these versions found visibly thanks to the eyes of the owner of this car. He wanted something more practical. Spotted by Auto Addiction during a rainy tourist day on the Nürburgring, this conversion of an E46 into a pick-up was surprised on the track. With 4 exhaust outlets, grilles on the front wings (enlarged), suggesting an M3. Nothing more is known about this very special model, but the one who built it decided to opt for a single cabin configuration because the rear seats were removed.

This interesting machine looks like something that BMW would build as a unique project along the same lines as the E30 and E92 M3 pickups of yesteryear. It must be said that the Bavarians have already tried several times to conversions in pick-up. Last example to date with this pickup based on the X7, with a bucket large enough to transport one of the brand's motorcycles.

We would like to know more about this special BMW, because it seems that a lot of effort has gone into its manufacture. It seems that it began its life like a coupé before undergoing a series of modifications, such as the cutting of the rear panel behind the seats to place a window there. One has the impression that the tailgate opens to allow better access to the bucket and to load large objects that one could not even normally put inside a 3 Series Touring.

This pickup was not the only interesting appearance that day on the Nordschleife, because towards the end of the video you can see an old-fashioned Mercedes G-Class. Seen at 10:28 am, the reputed all-terrain vehicle with a high roof and divided rear doors was to be the slowest car on that day.

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