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BluE Nexus Corporation (BluE Nexus) and Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) Partner to Support Faster Adoption of Electrified Vehicles. This collaboration aims to strengthen the competitiveness of their electrification solutions and their commercial structure, including technical support and the services offered.

Since its creation in April 2019, BluE Nexus has been developing and marketing electric propulsion modules, and at the same time providing calibration services. For its part, on the strength of its status as an automobile manufacturer, Toyota sells complete powertrains such as the Toyota Hybrid System to other companies.

With a view to the accelerated adoption of electrified vehicles and to meet the demands of all types of customers around the world, BluE Nexus and Toyota wished to combine their respective strengths and skills: on the one hand, Toyota's techniques from calibration of motors, batteries and other major peripheral parts; on the other hand, the well-rounded line of BluE Nexus electric propulsion modules. In addition, to achieve this objective, Toyota has decided to invest in BluE Nexus up to 10% of the capital. The two companies will now set about setting up a commercial structure that will allow them to set up a synergy, BluE Nexus playing the role of first interlocutor for electrification systems * and Toyota providing technological support. .

This merger should strengthen their competitiveness in this area and promote the advent of a sustainable society through the generalization of electrified vehicles.

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