Bloom Ambrosia di Fiori, the nectar of the Gods from Gucci –

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci since 2015, once again called on perfumer Alberto Morillas (already author for the brand of the first Bloom, from Memory of an odor and from the Alchemist’s Garden collection) to write this "New chapter".

The nameAmbrosia di Fiori refers to ragweed, described in Greek mythology as the food of the gods, which made them immortal. This divine nectar inspired the creation of a “Imaginary garden full of flowers and plants of different colors and varieties”. We find jasmine, tuberose and Quisqualis indica (a tropical flower with powdery scents which has the distinction of going from white to red in a few days) present in Bloom original, embellished "New ingredients (which) reinforce the floral impression" : iris root extract and Damascus rose.

With this new fragrance, Gucci invites "The people who wear it to celebrate their true nature and the emotions they feel".

Eau de parfum 74.50 euros / 30ml, 103 euros / 50ml, 140 euros / 100ml

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