Blackberry returns with 5G, Android and its iconic keyboard

The Blackberry brand will return to the smartphone market thanks to Onward Mobility. Expected for the first half of 2021, this Blackberry 5G will run on Android and will be equipped with a keyboard.

Like Netscape or Napster, Blackberry is one of the legends lost in the history ofInternet and mobility. However, 15 years ago, Blackberry phones were the benchmark of their kind in business and more and more individuals were falling for these smartphones with keyboard. And then theiPhone arrived, the touch screens, Android… And Blackberry has not been able to adapt or renew itself.

Today, the company still exists, and the telephony part is living with a licensing system, and after TLC, it is Onward Mobility's turn to try to relaunch the brand with a Blackberry. 5G expected for the first half of 2021. This company specializing in IT security would join forces with FIH Mobile, a joint venture assembled by Blackberry and Foxconn to manufacture the device.

A real keyboard like in the old days?

What to expect A priori, it will work under Android like the Blackberry Priv, released in 2015. It had not worked a miracle, and it was after this new failure that the Canadian brand had decided to give up manufacturing and operate under a licensing system. What will delight those nostalgic for the brand is that the smartphone will have a real keyboard. He is not " finalized », Explains a Blackberry executive in The Register, But " he will reflect the values ​​of the brand in matter keyboard input ".

Another driving force: safety. But without cutting corners on consumer equipment. " Our priority is not only to make the safest and most productive device, but also to be an everyday device, concludes Peter Franklin, the P.-D.G. ofOnwardMobility. That means things like a high-end camera and other specs you'd expect from an everyday phone. At the same time, we know that we have to be competitive, and especially on our prices. "

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