Binotto rejects term of crisis for Ferrari in F1 –

Ferrari won last year at Spa, this year Scuderia failed to even score a single point in Belgium. The engine is once again clearly singled out by Christian Horner and Toto Wolff but Ferrari's chassis is not very good either as Haas F1 and Alfa Romeo have worried Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel all weekend.

So, is Ferrari in crisis? No according to Mattia Binotto!

“I think it is wrong to talk about a crisis at the moment that we are going through. It is certainly a very bad result in the difficult season that we are going through. We knew it, we saw it coming with the winter tests and the freeze decided for the development of the car and the engine, " the Italian responds this evening before leaving Spa.

"We know what we have to do, we are building for the future. We are in the middle of a storm, without a doubt. We are not in crisis but in the middle of a storm. We know our route and we have to stay the course while continuing to look to the future. "

Binotto does not deny that today’s race is catastrophic in terms of Ferrari’s image in F1.

"Today's result is clearly very disappointing, there is little to say. Where we started, where we ended. It's a track that requires power and efficiency aerodynamic and there is no need to hide: at the moment we miss both. "

The Italian admits a loss of power but maintains that the other engine manufacturers have also been affected!

“What is actually happening is that we have a car that has lost power, just like all the engine manufacturers have lost. We more than the others. Last year the engine partially covered the power. The limits of the car, but this year it is no longer the case. The limits of the car are emerging. On this point, it is clear that we need to improve. "

The Scuderia will tackle two Grands Prix at home, Monza and Mugello. The press and the fans are going to put incredible pressure on the team and, as often, look for those responsible.

"We all take responsibility for this situation. I take it as a team leader like everyone who works in Maranello. We are all in the same boat. Although the team is in the middle of the storm, we are very united. There is no crisis, no tension. There is bitterness, frustration in each of us. But I believe that this frustration must turn into reaction and determination. "

"Regarding Monza … It's a difficult time, but we have to look at what has been done and what we want to do. After a race like today, it is difficult to be optimistic for a race that is taking place in a week on a track where power is certainly needed. "

“There will be a new technical directive that bans qualifying modes for V6s. I'm curious to see how they can change the balance in qualifying. We will bring a specific package to Monza, but I think there is no point in kidding ourselves, at this point we have to make the most of what the car has to offer at the moment. "

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