Sixth in the championship with five races to go, Ferrari is having a difficult 2020. But in the midst of the clouds, the Portimão race brought a breakthrough with a fourth place on the grid and at the finish for Charles Leclerc.

"We have to understand if it came from the car or from the track, but we think we are going in the right direction" welcomes Mattia Binotto, who tempers the room for improvement for next year.

“Realistically, in 2021, we won't go back to fight for the championship. I think our goal is to aim for the podium on a consistent basis. 2022 will be the big upheaval and the opportunity to reshuffle the cards."

"I'm sure this team is still alive and we will progress. Now is the right time for a big change, so once we can work on the aero for 2022 next January it will be a big challenge. "

On the other hand, the continuity displayed for 2021 compared to the 2020 regulations may cost Ferrari: "The rules as they are written are very restrictive, so there are some opportunities to add something unique."