Binotto admits Ferrari lacks support and race pace –

In Mexico City as at Suzuka, Ferrari wasted a first line acquired in qualifying, letting the victory go to Mercedes. The Scuderia has been singled out for having missed his strategy in Mexico City, notably with Charles Leclerc, who has undoubtedly revealed his cards too early.

However, for Mattia Binotto, the explanation of the result of Mexico is also due to another explanation, simpler …

"Certainly, starting from the front row, it's always hard not to get the best result in the race. But what happened, first of all, was that we were maybe not fast enough in the race. Because if we had been faster, Mercedes could not have undercuts us. This is the first analysis. In general, sometimes, to win, you have to take more risks. And if you take risks, it means for me to be brave enough; so maybe, when Alexander Albon stopped, we should not have stopped Charles, but stay on the track. But in doing so, we were pretty certain – we thought at the time – that the tires would not have lasted until the end of the race. It was a mistake, a bad hypothesis. "

"So it means that in our understanding of tires, in modeling their behavior, we need to make some adjustments. Now we are looking at all the data. We are trying to further improve our tire understanding model, which in the future will probably give us a better opportunity to make better choices. "

In Mexico, it must be said that all the cars ran with little real support, given the altitude of the circuit. In Austin, it should be history: will it be easier for Ferrari to preserve its tires?

"These are two different points. We still lack support over our competitors, it is a weakness, but we have improved throughout the season. I think that today we have a good package, but not good enough … and we know very well that support is important, on some circuits, like in Budapest or Mexico. But compare Budapest to Mexico City: we have taken a big step forward in the right direction. So yes, it will be necessary that we find more support for next year, it is important for the pace of the race, the degradation of the tires … To add more support, it will mean to add more drag, so we will be more slow in straight lines. But today, we think we have a good unity of power, and that it plays between our favor. We hope to keep the same advantage in the future. "

Mattia Binotto must manage the power unit and chassis, but also the two home riders, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, who are competing for third place in the championship. But is this really an important goal?

"What's important for us is also to confirm 2nd place in the constructors' classification, I hope we can get there this weekend. What is always important for us is to win more victories for Ferrari during these last races. And in all last, comes the 3rd place in the championship drivers. Who will be … whatever. "

Will the driver who finishes 3rd be the first Ferrari driver next year?

" Not at all " concludes Mattia Binotto.

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