Bill Gates reveals why Windows Mobile has lost to Android according to him

After imposing Windows on computers around the world, Microsoft has failed in its bid to offer a mobile alternative, leaving Google take its place. The fall of Windows Mobile remains largely across the throat of Bill Gates, which explains why he failed against Google.

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Microsoft is getting close to Android lately. The manufacturer seems to have finally mourned its old mobile operating system, Windows Phone, and now equips its new products, including its cryptic enigmatic devices, Google's operating system. Better yet, the firm of Redmond will soon launch a new Office application that will bring together Word, Excel or Powerpoint in a single app on Android. Still, the fall of Windows Phone remains a deep regret for Microsoft. Last June, Bill Gates indicated that his biggest mistake was to let Android dominate the mobile market.

The famous founder of the firm said during the DealBook conference of New York Times that Microsoft could have beat Android with Windows Phone, but that the company had been distracted by the antitrust lawsuit in which it was bogged down in the United States. The Redmond firm was indeed accused by the US government of maintaining a monopoly position in the PC market illegally by means of restrictions imposed on computer manufacturers. That would have cost Microsoft a lot of time, so Google had time to come up with its alternative and become a leader in the industry.

"I did not care because of the distraction" Bill Gates, talking about Windows Mobile

"There is no doubt that the antitrust lawsuit was bad for Microsoft and we would have been more focused on creating the phone's operating system, and so instead of using Android today you would be using Windows Mobile ", said the founder of Microsoft. According to Bill Gates, the Redmond firm was about to succeed, but it would have been "Just three months late"especially because the company failed to impose Windows Mobile on a flagship smartphone Motorola, without specifying what model it was.

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