Bill Gates justifies his failure against Android because of an antitrust investigation

Billionaire Bill Gates at a conference in Washington, April 21, 2018. – Jose Luis Magana / AP / SIPA

Bill Gates said Thursday that the failure of
Windows Phone launched by
Microsoft had been largely caused by accusations of abuse of dominance towards the company.

At a conference organized by the New York TimesThe billionaire says he was disturbed by the 1998 US Department of Justice investigation. "If there had not been this antitrust story … it was almost … I was too distracted. I planted myself by distraction, "he said.

"The trial weighed a lot"

The billionaire said that without this setback, "you would use Windows Mobile today, not Android." The Verge recalls that the clumsy transition decided by Microsoft to move from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone has lost many opportunities for the group. Android then took advantage of the situation.

"There is no doubt that the abuse of dominance lawsuit has weighed heavily on Microsoft. We could have been more focused on creating a phone operating system, "said Bill Gates.

Missed opportunity with Motorola

The latter also made another revelation. "We took three months late on a version that Motorola had to use for one of its terminals," said the co-founder of Microsoft. But it is precisely the success of Motorola and the Verizon operator in the United States that has allowed Android to take off. As a result, "today, no one here has ever heard of Windows Mobile, but that's the way it is," said Bill Gates.

The philanthropist mentioned a loss of "a few hundred million dollars here and there" that the US government and its lawsuit would be responsible. The site 01Netnotes however that after three years of investigations, Microsoft was sentenced in 2001. That is before the arrival of Android in the sector.

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