Big question mark for McLaren after Eifel GP –

The McLaren team are in limbo after the Eifel Grand Prix on Sunday at the Nürburgring circuit in Germany.

This weekend at the Eifel Grand Prix, only Carlos Sainz's single-seater made it across the finish line, as the one driven by Lando Norris suffered a mechanical failure in connection with the Renault power unit.

Carlos Sainz for his part finished the race in an honorable fifth position, but the Spaniard said after the Grand Prix that he had experienced a real ordeal behind the wheel of the MCL35 during the 60 laps of the event.

In fact, Sainz’s ordeal started the day before in qualifying, after which he only finished in tenth place.

The McLaren team brought an upgrade package to the Eifel Grand Prix weekend, which focused on the MCL35 bargeboard area and mounted on Sainz's car while his teammate Lando Norris retained the old package.

But as Norris outclassed Carlos Sainz on Saturday, the Spanish driver remained dissatisfied with his car's race performance on Sunday, despite a number of retirements – including Norris himself – that saw him finish P5.

“After what happened in qualifying and the 60 difficult laps I did [in the race], I can say that I am definitely satisfied. " Sainz said after the Eifel Grand Prix.

“But I haven't had a good feeling all weekend, nor during the 60 laps of the race. I never felt in the running for this podium that I could see in front of me. "

“I mean, I must be happy because I think we pulled the maximum out, but when you see the podium this close and the feeling with the car is, let's say not good, and I had a lot of graining , it's hard to accept. "

What Carlos Sainz regrets most in reality is the fact of not knowing if the upgrade package worked on his car or if it was the fact of not having driven on Friday [the two sessions of [free practice was canceled due to bad weather] which made his car so difficult to drive.

“If we had had Friday to develop this package, would the package be much better than it is now, or is the package not working as it should? " Sainz wonders.

“This is the biggest question mark we're going to have over the next two weeks where we have to do a lot of homework, because the feeling with the car today, the amount of graining I had from the understeer, were not very good. "

“So let's say the coming weeks are going to be important in determining what we do next. "

The next race will take place at the brand new Portimao circuit in Portugal from October 23 to 25.

After the Eifel Grand Prix, the McLaren team lost their third place in the constructors' championship and are now fourth, four points behind Racing Point.

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