beware, these 23 apps from the Play Store can empty your bank account

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Computer security researchers have discovered 23 new “fleecewares” on the Play Store. These malicious apps scam users by subscribing them to expensive paid services.

malware android - beware, these 23 apps from the Play Store can empty your bank account

Sophos Labs IT security researchers discovered 23 “fleecewares” apps on the Play Store. The main function of these malicious apps is unwittingly register their users for overpriced paid services. Unlike an app infected with malware, they do not contain malicious code, which makes them almost undetectable by Google's security systems.

Already in January 2020, Sophos Labs experts had already got their hands on 21 “fleecewares” on the Play Store. These apps had accumulated 600,000 downloads. At that time, Google decided to update its developer policy. The web giant had therefore put in place new measures supposed to counter the appearance of new "fleecewares".

Badly honest applications that escape Google

But on this Thursday, August 27, 2020, it seems that the efforts of the Mountain View firm were not sufficient. As said above, Sophos has highlighted 23 new "fleecewares" available for download on the Play Store. These applications set up “hidden subscriptions”.

Once installed on a smartphone, these apps allow users to try them out for free for a limited time, usually three days or a week. This trial period has elapsed, these apps are starting to charge sky-high sums via the bank card registered on the Play Store.

In fact, the deception is directly mentioned in small print in the terms of use of these apps. It is thus specified that the‘Weekly, monthly or annual subscription will be automatically billed if you don't cancel before the end of the trial period. However, terminating on time is not enough, as the researchers at Sophos Labs explain.

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Subscriptions of up to $ 250!

Several users report that their credit card was still charged, despite the fact that they deleted the app on time. Worst, some were billed after they had canceled their subscription in due form. According to analyst data, the top-hungry "fleecewares" on the list charge up to $ 250 a year. You can find the full list below.

applis fleeceware sophos - beware, these 23 apps from the Play Store can empty your bank account
Credit: Sophos

Without surprise, Sophos strongly recommends that you do not install these applications, still available on the Play Store: " You should strictly avoid installing this type of application with a free trial which offers subscription fees after a short trial ", say the researchers. If you have been charged without your knowledge by one of these applications, your best bet is still to object to the debit as soon as possible, in order to avoid further punctures.

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