Former Formula 1 treasurer Bernie Ecclestone keeps a close eye on the main discipline of motorsport and stays on the lookout for the slightest case.

Recently, the 90-year-old British businessman acquired the series of creations by artist Mark Dickens, which he produced in collaboration with F1 photographer Keith Sutton.

Series ” Ferrari in Art – The Sporting Legacy ”, is a collection of 25 original and unique works of art that celebrate the myth of the Scuderia Ferrari.

An art and Formula 1 enthusiast, Bernie Ecclestone could not do without such an acquisition: “ There has never been a collaboration like this before and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to acquire it for my private collection.. “

“I know Mark and Keith well and have always been impressed by their professionalism. “ Ecclestone said in remarks echoed by the Gazetta Dello Sport.

Dickens and Ecclestone had crossed paths before for a rather original project and still related to F1: “ I first met Mark in 2009 and in 2011 I asked him to create 19 tables, showing each of the races from that year. “

“The following year, we presented each painting to the respective promoters. “

“I’ve known Keith even longer, since I first met him when he started his career as a sports photographer 40 years ago, and I know his passion for Ferrari well. ” concludes Ecclestone.