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A few weeks ago, Tesla announced that it was working on an electric battery with exceptional performance: responding to the name of 4680 (46 mm x 80 mm), the batteries would indeed be able to contain five times more energy than all those that are currently available on the market, but they would also be six times more powerful …

At the time, the American manufacturer had indicated that the deployment of this new electric battery technology would take place around 2022. However, he had not yet given details on the model or models that would have the honor to embark them in first.

Berlin produced Tesla Model Y will be the first to take - Berlin-produced Tesla Model Y will be the first to take advantage of Tesla's new batteries - FREDZONE

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Well, it is now done, because if we believe the latest revelations of Elon Musk, the CEO of the automaker, it will be under the hood of the Tesla Model Y (manufactured in the future Gigafactory in Berlin) as the new 4680 battery cells will start to prove themselves.

A new battery for the Tesla Model Y

It was in a Twitter exchange with automotive blogger Whole Mars Catalog that Elon Musk released the news: "Berlin will use 4680 cells with a structural battery", he said, referring to the Gigafactory in Berlin which, if we stick to Tesla's schedule, should start manufacturing Model Y "revamped with a 'radical overhaul' of its' technology of base '' in 2021.

Elon Musk explained that installing the new battery will involve some structural changes under the hood of future Model Ys: "The battery pack will be a bonded structure with cells providing shear transfer between the top and bottom steel face sheets, eliminating most of the central body parts while providing better torsional stiffness and polar moment or improved inertia. This is a major step forward. "

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Change in production

As usual, Elon Musk didn't just drop a single crispy piece of news. The eccentric boss of Tesla and SpaceX has also indicated that the deployment of these new 4680 battery cells will cause some small upheaval in production.

" Many new technologies will land in Berlin, also entailing significant production risks. The Fremont and Shanghai sites will make the transition in two years when the new technology has proved its worth ”, he told Whole Mars Catalog on Twitter.

For those who want to know more, we will have to wait until next year, perhaps end of 2021, to have more concrete news of the performance of the new 4680 battery.

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