Berger sees Leclerc gradually eclipse Vettel at Ferrari –

Last year Sebastian Vettel struggled to contain the progress of his new teammate Charles Leclerc, who seemed to be on the rise. In 2020, will the quadruple world champion be able to recover with a car more suited to his driving? Or will Charles Leclerc establish his domination at Maranello?

In an interview for Motorsport-Total, Gerhard Berger clearly favored the second option …

"I think that's just how it goes. You are a racing driver, you are young, aggressive, fast, you are successful. All of this works in your favor. "

"But at some point, you will reach the last third of your career and the young guys will just stand behind you, and start pinching and biting you. "

“At this point, Sebastian is in the last third of his career, and Leclerc in the first. "

Whether Charles Leclerc succeeds in knocking out Sebastian Vettel or not in 2020, it does not matter for Berger anyway: the winner of Monza 2019 has everything ahead, while Sebastian Vettel is approaching the twilight of his career …

"Whether he succeeds or fails, we don't know. It will certainly be exciting to see how it goes. But whatever the outcome, at the end of the day, Leclerc still has the future ahead of him and Seb has already had his best years behind him. "

“It will be difficult to crack Leclerc. But Sebastian was always ahead of him in the standings in the second half of 2019. I wouldn't say the subject is closed. "

According to Berger, Sebastian Vettel is also a victim of the pressure and inconsistency characteristic of the Ferrari environment …

“Basically, Ferrari is the best team you can be with. As a racing driver, this is the best team you can work with. But you also have to be ready to handle certain situations, perhaps by receiving less support than with another team. You are alone. "

"The downside with the Italians, and especially with Ferrari, is that they quickly forget the past and jump on the next horse because it gallops well at the time. "

"Here is a young man who speaks their language perfectly, he is half Italian, he is launched and we can see the future in him. Mentally, it’s already difficult to manage in this team, but Sebastian is four times world champion (…) and he will have to manage that too. "

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